Participant Testimonials

Apr 19 - Apr 24, 2015

It was a great WS; I learned a lot and had stimulating conversations with other researchers. I am happy to have attended. The organization was perfect and the Banff Centre is a great place.

Leopoldo Bertossi Prof,
Computer Science, Carleton University

I am quite familiar with Dagstuhl (having been organizer of several seminars there), and it was great to see its Canadian sister. It is interesting to see it embedded in more global center for Arts and Culture and in a National Park. The organizers did a great job, the seminar was inspiring as expected and new contacts were made. I was also intrigued by the infrastructure for recording.

Luc De Raedt Computer Science, KU Leuven

I was very pleased with this workshop, I am convinced it will have a huge impact on my research moving forward. The workshop fits well with my research directions.I was aware of the key works in the area, but I was happy to see the quality and breadth of recent research. That was invaluable. I learned some new ideas that I would like to take into my work.I was also very excited by the advances in terms of applications. I also had the opportunity to see how researchers are networking and how the community is evolving, including both strengths and weaknesses. I especially thank BIRS for supporting a relaxed atmosphere conductive to lively discussion.

Vitor Santos Costa Dep of Computer Science, Universidade do Porto