Participant Testimonials

Mar 29 - Apr 03, 2015

The organization of the workshop was great. I would also like to thank the organizers once again. I found the workshop stimulating. There are three reasons for that. I got the opportunity to speak about my research and to get opinion about it from many experts in the close area. Since the area is not exactly the same, they helped me with a different insight, suggested me which points in my research are interesting from their viewpoint. I am grateful for that. Secondly, I learned new things during the lessons of the workshop, which give me now better insight. Some of them were close to my research and I can apply them in my current work. Others helped me to get a wider picture about current interests. I met many experts that are close to my area of research, got insight into their areas, talked to them, established new contacts. I heard that the problems I deal with are sometimes similar to the problems of others, which is encouraging for me and tells me that my research makes sense. As a young scientist (I defended my thesis just a year and a half ago), I find this very important and stimulating. I was happy to be given an opportunity and to have been well accepted. Workshops with small number of participants allow people to communicate. Therefore I am very grateful for the opportunity to come and participate.

Maja Resman University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing