Participant Testimonials

Aug 23 - Aug 28, 2015

The program was extremely interesting and the conference was a great success! The organizers were very generous and they invited not only me, but also three of my students. One of these three students just graduated but he is in the job market and I hope he will be benefited by meeting people in the field and having the opportunity to give a talk. The other two students are in the start of their career (beginning of their 3rd year in the graduate school) so they heard very interesting mathematics from which they will pick problems to work on. I am very grateful to the organizers for inviting me and my students!

George Androulakis Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina

Excellent meeting! I enjoyed both the scientific program and the quality of the talks and the beautiful location.

Uwe Franz Département de mathématiques de Besançon, University of Franche-Comte