Big Data Tsunami at the Interface of Statistics, Environmental Sciences and Beyond

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Colorado State University
- 09:36
Applying Causal Discovery Methods in the Geosciences --- Challenges and Opportunities
Watch video | Download video: 201603120904-Ebert-Uphoff.mp4 (79M)
, North Carolina State University
- 11:11
Statistical Compression of Climate Model Output
Watch video | Download video: 201603121035-Guinness.mp4 (92M)
, University of Texas at Dallas
- 11:54
Big Data, Statistics, and Environmental Sciences
Watch video | Download video: 201603121114-Griffith.mp4 (93M)
, Norwegian Computing Center
- 15:32
Modelling and Predicting Residential Water Damage Insurance Claims via a Calibrated Dynamical Downscaling
Watch video | Download video: 201603121502-Haug.mp4 (70M)
, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico
- 17:04
The Role of Statistics in Data-rich Astronomy
Watch video | Download video: 201603121635-Martinez-Gomez.mp4 (76M)
, University of California - Santa Cruz
- 17:38
Multiple Changepoint Detection: A Big Data Problem
Watch video | Download video: 201603121706-Lund.mp4 (87M)