Surgery and Geometry (16w2689)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Friday, July 22 and departing Sunday July 24, 2016


(Indiana University)

(Texas A&M University)

(University of Aberdeen)


This 2-day workshop is intended as the capstone event for the Summer School on the Classification of Manifolds held at the University of Calgary July 18-22, 2016. This summer school is sponsored by the PIMS CRG (= Collaborative Research Group in Applied, Algebraic, and Geometric Topology). The scientific organizers of the Summer School are James F. Davis (Indiana University, USA) and Diarmuid Crowley (Aberdeen University, Scotland, UK) and the local organizers are Kristine Bauer (University of Calgary) and Don Stanley (University of Regina). Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M, USA) will be the keynote speaker at the summer school.

There have been several summer schools on this central area of geometric topology in Europe and one in India, but none in North America. So our hope to expose young North American students and postdocs to surgery theory, with a focus on the interests of Guoliang Yu on rigidity and positive scalar curvature.

The connection of the proposed BIRS workshop to the summer school is two-fold. First, we would like to introduce the summer school participants to research level mathematics in surgery and geometry. Second, we wish to introduce the summer school participants to the beautiful and important mathematical center at Banff. The idea would be to invite approximately 25 summer school participants and 17 research mathematicians, and to include talks by some of the summer school participants relevant to surgery theory and geometry. We hope that this will lead naturally to collaborations between junior and senior researchers. It is expected that a partial focus of the workshop will be those research interests of Guoliang Yu which connect with surgery and geometry.