Retreat for Young Researchers in Stochastics (16w2696)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Friday, September 23 and departing Sunday September 25, 2016


(University of Washington)

(University of British Columbia)

Michael Kouritzin (Univerisity of Alberta)


The workshop will allow some outstanding young postdoctoral fellows describe their recent research results and the open problems on which they are currently working. The range of topics from pure to the very applied is a distinctive feature of the workshop. This gives those whose interest are on the fundamental side an opportunity to see what is going on in applications in areas such as filtering and mathematical finance and gives those on the more applied side an opportunity to learn some of the more recent fundamental advances in theory. Several senior faculty will present open problems. In the past the occasion has been useful in setting up visits once faculty and postdocs learn of common interests.