Participant Testimonials

May 08 - May 13, 2016

It provided an ideal place for me to follow the latest advances in the field and work with my collaborators.

Dawei Chen Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Boston College

The workshop was wonderful. The quality of the lectures was very high. I thought that four lectures per day was about right. I liked that there were a number of young people giving lectures. I also had ample time to continue a collaboration with one other participant and really delve deeply into another in a collaboration with two others. In fact all three of us felt that we made significant progress on the problem. Overall it was one of the best conferences I have ever gone to in a long career.

Howard Masur Mathematics, University of Chicago

The CMO-BIRS workshop has an important impact on my current research: first I was able to learn new results (not yet published) from colleagues from around the world and second I could meet my collaborators to continue working in our projects and develop new directions. Given that in the conference there was a well-balanced combination of young and senior researchers fresh insight and perspective was a common denominator on my interactions with my colleagues. Moreover, new collaborations originated during the workshop. The location was just perfect and everything went on smoothly.

Ferran Valdez Centro de Ciencias Matematicas, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

I loved the workshop. There were several outstanding talks with very original ideas; papers would appear on arXive only in many months, so it was an exceptional opportunity to learn the news long before getting the texts. It was also an opportunity for me to work with several collaborators from other countries in person and not by e-mail or Skype, which is much more efficient. It was also an incredible opportunity to ask certain narrow questions to the experts in the corresponding areas and to give fast and comprehensive explanations. I also used this opportunity to discuss editorial questions and organization of further conferences with my colleagues. The two PhD students of whom I am taking care directly or indirectly seemed to be extremely happy to participate in the conference: they gained a lot from direct contacts with experts.

Anton Zorich Distinguished Professor
UFR de Mathematiques UMR7586, Universite Paris Diderot-Paris 7