Analytic versus Combinatorial in Free Probability (16w5025)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, December 4 and departing Friday December 9, 2016


Dan Voiculescu (University of California, Berkeley)

(University of Waterloo)

(Queen's University)

(Saarland University)


Free Probability is a recent mathematical theory which tries to understand non-commutative algebras (which are generated, for example, by operators on Hilbert spaces or by random matrices) inspired by classical probability theory.

Free probability is certainly a very active area, with many unsolved problems ahead, as well as various recent new exciting developments. A meeting bringing together various mathematical backgrounds -- in particular, analytic and combinatorial -- with an emphasis on the connections is very timely and useful, with a potentially great impact on the further developments of free probability and related subjects.

It has also turned out in recent years that free probability is quite attractive and promising for young people. There are a lot of interesting problems on a level accessible to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Actually, quite a bit of the recent progress in the subject was achieved by PhD students or young postdocs (like Brannan, Male, Freslon, Lemeux, Charlesworth, Nelson, Skoufranis, Raum, Ulrich, Weber). With this meeting we will continue this trend and in particular include also young people in the programme of the workshop.