Participant Testimonials

Feb 14 - Feb 19, 2016

The workshop brought together a perfect group from across Europe and North America, and took my understanding of a current project to a new level. Since no fewer than three of my current collaborators were also present, the benefits were redoubled! The informal and unpressured environment and the spectacular location lifted the week far beyond the mundane.

John Greenlees Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield

I must say that the BIRS conference on EDAG did positively and substantially inspire me. This is precisely the kind of activity which I think is helpful to a mathematical field. I am thankful to BIRS for their flexibility in organizing such events on cutting edge fields which may not yet be established enough to have specialized meetings elsewhere. Thank you!

Igor Kriz Mathematics, University of Michigan

The workshop was fantastic, just right number of people with just similar interests to create a very stimulating meeting. I enjoyed it very much.

Douglas Ravenel University of Rochester