Participant Testimonials

May 01 - May 06, 2016

The workshop was a really wonderful occasion to get together with several collaborators, and listen to extremely relevant work in the field. The workshop was masterfully organized, both in terms of number of talks, choice of topics, and quality of the lectures. It is certainly going to impact my research. I had the chance to discuss rather new projects with two distinct sets of collaborators.

Renzo Cavalieri Mathematics, Colorado State University

My research has profited a lot from the workshop. I am involved in two projects with coauthors who I had the chance to meet during the workshop. In the first project, we discussed a new idea and then computed most cases of a classification showing up. Both of us were needed in the discussion and in the computations, and it would have been impossible to reach this far by email or skype. Also the second project moved into a new direction where it would not have ended up hadn't we met. The talks gave me new ideas for projects. My Postdoc is likely to apply for a tenure track position at a colleague's place who we met at CMO. The conference was wonderful, very well organized (thanks to the organizers!), with great talks and enough time for discussions. Thank you BIRS!

Hannah Markwig University of Saarland

The workshop was quite valuable for me, and my students, postdocs, and collaborators. In one collaboration, we seem to have solved a significant open problem during our stay in Oaxaca, which will be a significant step forward in our ongoing work together. I also started a new and quite promising project with one of the other organizers. One of my former students received a serious inquiry about a potential permanent job from one of the senior participants, and I identified two interesting junior participants as potential future postdoc hires in the next couple of years.