Arithmetic Aspects of Explicit Moduli Problems (17w5065)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, May 28 and departing Friday June 2, 2017


(Simon Fraser University)

(Dartmouth College)

(University of California, San Diego)

(University of Warwick)


Explicit work on moduli problems has yielded powerful new theorems in arithmetic geometry that have eluded a purely theoretical approach. The moduli approach converts the problem of classifying objects of arithmetic interest into the problem of studying rational points on varieties, to which the methods of algebraic and arithmetic geometry may be applied. There is an active community, including many young researchers, dedicated to explicitly studying rational points. This workshop will bring together researchers working on explicit moduli problems with those working on rational points to establish collaborations and stimulate further research.

In addition to providing a platform for communicating new developments, the workshop will give young researchers the opportunity to gain a strong foundation in moduli spaces going beyond those traditionally studied computationally.