Participant Testimonials

Sep 03 - Sep 08, 2017

I would like to report that our workshop was running very successfully. Many participants including me think that this is the most productive workshop ever. We invited excellent speakers with a good variety in terms of research areas, ages and nations. Everybody learned a lot of new things and got many new ideas. Some research collaborations were created during the workshop. We were also having a very pleasant time in Oaxaca, talking, eating, and staying together in five days. I think Oaxaca is an ideal place for holding research workshops, which is an interesting city without too many distractions. All participants are very grateful for CMO accommodating our workshop.

Jiguo Cao Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, Simon Fraser University

The Workshops held in CMO have been very fruitful to me. The discussion and debates about recent developments and open problems in the analysis of functional data were very interesting. As a result, I found many possible ideas that could impact my current and future research lines.

Carolina Euan Ph.D
Statistics, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Excellent workshop! Definitely a must for anyone interested in strong theoretical foundations with applications to real and complex datasets by means of efficient computational tools. Of course, the new light in my research have not been possible without the clear presentations of my new colleagues. Meeting one of the founders of functional data analysis and celebrating his birthday was also very emotive for me. No words can express that emotion. This workshop has definitely marked a career path in my research. I am completely grateful to the organizers!

Francisco Mendoza PhD
UNAM National Autonomous University of Mexico

There is currently a large, but unnatural chasm between statistics and applied math. As an applied mathematician this workshop was invaluable for learning what is going on in a crucial area of statistics. I learned so many valuable techniques that I can put into effect almost immediately.

Paul Tupper Professor
Mathematics, Simon Fraser University