Participant Testimonials

Apr 30 - May 05, 2017

This workshop allowed me to share the state of the knowledge with researchers from all over the world on the subjects I am working on, and to discover modern theories and ideas on the others. The interdisciplinary flavor of this particular workshop increased the opportunity for rich discussions and brings fresh air to my research ideas. Overall, Oaxaca is a very warm and colorful city, the conference venue is peaceful and beautiful and the Angel Inn hotel staff was extraordinarily welcoming.

Lénaïc Chizat PhD Student
Ceremade, Université Paris Dauphine

I am a computer science researcher. Attending BIRS workshops is a great source of inspiration for me. I have a strong belief that exciting new research has great chances to happen at the junction between different domains. By fostering connections between mathematics and computer sciences, by favoring exchanges between researchers in a great environment, BIRS workshops are exactly the place where these cross-domain interactions are likely to happen. I had rich interactions with several colleagues, that are likely to become cooperation projects in a short future. After this workshop, I come back home with a load of new ideas / new directions for the new research group that I am going to create. It had also contacts with young researchers who may apply for a position in this new research group.

Bruno Levy Dr.
ALICE project-team, Inria Lorainne

This workshop was perfectly organized. The place is perfect and well suited to let researchers be in the best conditions to work without any material worries. The place is quiet and propice to mathematical research.

Jean-Michel Loubes Professor
Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, Université de Toulouse

This was a very interesting workshop which brought together a crowd of researchers which would have not assembled otherwise, I think. Personally, I met new people and have seen a lot of novel ideas. I have no doubt, the workshop brought about many fruitful interactions and eye-opening insights, including for myself.

Jan Obloj Prof
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

This workshop gave me some new insights, especially on how the theory of optimal transport could be related to statistical inference. I think it is a very fruitful workshop, in which I had the opportunity to discuss with people from disciplines outside my field. Those discussions lead to new ideas and thinkings which I haven't realized before.

Jianbo Ye Penn State University