Participant Testimonials

Jun 04 - Jun 09, 2017

This was a very useful workshop! The mathematicians attending had expertise complementary to mine (as a computer scientist) and had ways of approaching algorithm analysis that I am not familiar with. The other attendees were very helpful in sharing their expertise.

Anne Condon Computer Science, University of British Columbia

*My participation in the BIRS workshop impacted my future research direction. Based on the discussion with participants and based on the talks during the workshop, I got new ideas for the future direction of my research. *Participation of this workshop also strenghtened (refreshed) my old contacts so that I can consider possible future collaboration or visit. *The workshop helped me to build new contacts (at least two people) which may be connected to new collaborations in a couple of months.

Hye-Won Kang Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Attending the BIRS Workshop "Mathematical Analysis of Biological Interaction Networks" was a particularly fruitful experience. The organizers invited researchers at the forefront of this area. The presentations were very informative and I learned a lot about the state of the art in the field. The small group and the frequent opportunities for discussion allowed me to talk to a large number of colleagues. These discussions provided fresh insight into our work. I also met with a number of colleagues whose work I have been following for a long time, but had never met before.

Yiannis Kaznessis Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota

This was an excellent conference with quality talks and excellent logistical support. Started a number of new collaborations and completed some work with colleagues with whom I usually have no opportunity to interact. Congratulation BIRS for good program and equally good logistical support.

Grzegorz Rempala The Ohio State University

Great workshop! Some of us began a new project, and made progress each day.

Anne Shiu Math, Texas A&M University

The Banff meeting was exceptionally stimulating for me, and served to initiate a new phase in a collaboration. The results of our discussions led quickly to fresh insights and new results that we are still digesting.

Erik Winfree Professor
Computer Science, California Institute of Technology