Impact of Women Mathematicians on Research and Education in Mathematics (18w2043)


Amenda Chow (York University)

(Nikola Tesla Historical Society of Alberta)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "Putting Women into the Equation: Impact of Women Mathematicians on Research and Education in Mathematics" workshop in Banff from March 16, 2018 to March 18, 2018.

A unique workshop, "Putting Women into the Equation", is proposed to be held at BIRS in Banff in 2018 focusing on the history of mathematics, education and research as impacted by a number of well, and not-so-well known women mathematicians, dating back to the 6th century BC to current times.

The gathering of like-minded mathematicians of all ages will foster collaborations furthering research and enhancing education of mathematics. From local to international speakers, a broad exposure to current knowledge coupled with the continuum of 26 centuries of contributions, will provide an invaluable experience to all participants. Finally, getting to know about such women mathematicians as Theano, Hypatia, Emmy Noether and Maryam Mirzakhani in itself, will enrich the perspectives of teaching, research and communications, with an intention of spreading this experience into the classrooms and research rooms of today and tomorrow.

For further information, please contact Lillian Beltaos ([email protected]) or Amenda Chow ([email protected]).

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