Participant Testimonials

Feb 25 - Mar 02, 2018

I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful workshop, and amazing support throughout. The participants were all extremely happy with it, and it turned out to be very productive.

Aaron Vincent Queen's University

The BIRS workshop was helpful. It brought together experts in the particle physics of the search for characterizing Dark Matter; the astrophysics of the DM search; and a few statisticians with interests in one or both of those areas (I'm one of those). I learned much more about the experiments that are either running or planned, and made connections with leading investigators in those areas. I learned what statistical issues that scientific community sees as challenging, and was able to help point out to them where there are known solutions, and to discover what statistical research areas might be fruitful in the DM search. I expect some of that will lead to arms of my research agenda down the road. Thanks for your role in bringing about an outstanding workshop. I hope you'll be open to a possible follow-up in two years or so, as both experiments and theoretical developments progress.

Robert Wolpert Professor
Dept of Statistical Science, Duke University