Integrating the Integrators for Nonlinear Evolution Equations: from Analysis to Numerical Methods, High-Performance-Computing and Applications (18w5152)


(University of Innsbruck)

(University of California, Merced)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "Integrating the Integrators for Nonlinear Evolution Equations: from Analysis to Numerical Methods, High-Performance-Computing and Applications" workshop from December 2nd to December 7th, 2018.

Nonlinear evolution equations are widely used in science and engineering to describe dynamics of systems ranging from Earth's atmosphere to fusion reactors and internal combustion engines. As the scale and complexity of scientific and engineering problems requiring solution of evolution equations grow, there is a pressing need for more sophisticated and efficient analytical and numerical techniques to study their solutions. Our workshop will advance the state-of-the-art in integrators for nonlinear evolution equations by bringing together experts from diverse fields. In particular, the demands on the accuracy and efficiency of the numerical integrators are ever increasing in many fields, where not only descriptive but predictive mathematical models are required. Construction of as yet unimagined integrators is only possible if a range of tools and insights from different branches of analysis, numerics, high-performance computing and the application-focused research is exploited. In addition, new techniques must take advantage of leading edge computational platforms.

Moreover, the advancing age of exascale computing puts additional demands on the new numerical methods which now have to be constructed with great attention to the technical capabilities and limitations of this new generation of supercomputers.

The objectives of the workshop include (i) facilitating collaborative interactions between researchers in analysis, numerical methods, HPC and applications, (ii) identifying promising research directions in development of innovative integrators for a range of important applications, (iii) providing a forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge across interdisciplinary boundaries and among researchers of varied level of expertise and seniority.

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