New Statistical Methods for Family-Based Sequencing Studies

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of Washington
- 09:32
Correcting for confounding introduced by batch effects and imputation in family-based designs with whole genome sequence data
Watch video | Download video: 201808060904-Wijsman.mp4 (78M)
, Université du Québec à Montréal
- 09:59
A General Framework for Variable Selection in Linear Mixed Models with Applications to Genetic Studies with Structured Populations
Watch video | Download video: 201808060936-Oualkacha.mp4 (61M)
, University of Washington
- 11:04
Challenges and new approaches for whole genome analysis in multi-ethnic studies with pedigrees
Watch video | Download video: 201808061032-Thornton.mp4 (109M)
, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
- 11:27
Sharing of rare nucleotide and copy number variants in extended multiplex families
Watch video | Download video: 201808061105-Ruczinski.mp4 (78M)
, Simon Fraser University
- 11:46
Simulating family studies with whole-exome sequencing of multiple affected relatives
Watch video | Download video: 201808061135-Nieuwoudt.mp4 (35M)
, McGill University
- 14:39
Inferring allele transmissions in very large genealogies
Watch video | Download video: 201808061412-Gravel.mp4 (104M)
, Wellcome Sanger Institute
- 14:56
Next-generation sequencing studies in founder populations
Watch video | Download video: 201808061441-Gilly.mp4 (52M)
, Université Laval
- 15:58
Rare variant sharing methods with genealogies
Watch video | Download video: 201808061531-Bureau.mp4 (94M)
, University of Toronto
- 09:29
Whole exome sequencing of affected sister pairs with early onset breast cancer
Watch video | Download video: 201808070901-Bull.mp4 (127M)
, Columbia University
- 10:03
Statistical methods for the integration of functional genomics data and whole exome/genome sequencing data for improved gene discovery
Watch video | Download video: 201808070933-Ionita-Laza.mp4 (107M)
, Newcastle University
- 10:57
Lessons learned from sequencing under a linkage peak in families with vesicoureteric reflux
Watch video | Download video: 201808071032-Cordell.mp4 (74M)
, Mc Gill University
- 11:28
Estimating the effects of copy number variants on intelligence quotient using hierarchical Bayesian models
Watch video | Download video: 201808071106-Jiang.mp4 (68M)
, University of Pennsylvania
- 14:00
What's under those old linkage peaks? Combining family and cohort analyses to overcome the limitations of large shared segments
Watch video | Download video: 201808071331-Almasy.mp4 (95M)
, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
- 14:31
Using populations and pedigrees structures to identify genetic variations associated with epilepsy
Watch video | Download video: 201808071401-Girard.mp4 (103M)
, Memorial University
- 15:07
Joint modelling of family and case controls through mixtures
Watch video | Download video: 201808071432-Loredo-Osti.mp4 (109M)
, Simon Fraser University
- 16:06
Combining phenotypes, genotypes and gene genealogies to find trait-influencing variants
Watch video | Download video: 201808071535-Graham.mp4 (117M)
, University of Washington
- 16:38
Inferences from identity by descent in related individuals: pedigree relationships in conjunction and in contrast
Watch video | Download video: 201808071607-Thompson.mp4 (107M)
, Simon Fraser University
- 16:55
Using gene genealogies to localize trait-influencing variants in diploid populations
Watch video | Download video: 201808071640-Karunarathna.mp4 (67M)
, Université du Québec à Montréal
- 17:07
Construction of coalescent trees on partially fixed pedigrees
Watch video | Download video: 201808071656-Alie.mp4 (38M)
, University of Ottawa
- 09:31
Sampling gene genealogies conditional on genotype data from trios
Watch video | Download video: 201808080900-Burkett.mp4 (138M)
, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
- 09:56
A general framework for the region-based analysis of rare variants data in family-based association studies
Watch video | Download video: 201808080932-Hecker.mp4 (91M)
, Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Inst.
- 11:04
A novel Bayesian region-based analysis for next generation sequencing data
Watch video | Download video: 201808081030-Briollais.mp4 (114M)
, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
- 11:35
Gene-based segregation method for identifying rare variants in family-based sequencing studies
Watch video | Download video: 201808081105-Qiao.mp4 (126M)
, Mayo Clinic
- 11:57
Insights from whole genome sequencing of a family with Venous Thromboembolism
Watch video | Download video: 201808081137-deAndrade.mp4 (78M)
, University of Western Ontario
- 09:31
Analysis of sequencing data with survival outcomes in family-based study using a correlated frailty model
Watch video | Download video: 201808090902-Choi.mp4 (90M)
, University of waterloo
- 09:58
Illness-death models for family studies: accounting for competing risks and biased sampling
Watch video | Download video: 201808090931-Lee.mp4 (82M)
, Johns Hopkins University
- 13:53
Genotyping germline copy number variants in large trio-based studies
Watch video | Download video: 201808091330-Scharpf.mp4 (88M)
, University of California, Los Angeles
- 14:28
Ultrafast haplotyping
Watch video | Download video: 201808091354-Lange.mp4 (138M)
, University of California, Los Angeles
- 16:00
Take nothing for granted: Calculating the heritability of the microbiome of a proto-social beetle using NGS data
Watch video | Download video: 201808091530-Sinsheimer.mp4 (92M)
, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
- 16:21
De novo copy number deletion detection with read depth
Watch video | Download video: 201808091605-Fu.mp4 (56M)
, McGill University
- 16:33
Smooth modeling of covariate effects in bisulfite sequencing-derived measures of DNA methylation
Watch video | Download video: 201808091622-Zhao.mp4 (34M)