Participant Testimonials

Apr 15 - Apr 20, 2018

It was a very successful meeting with a range of participants with similar, but not always closely-related, interests. I was able to talk extensively with several people who I do not often encounter. Indeed the result was almost too stimulating for me - since I came away with even more to do than before!

Richard Melrose Professor of mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

My stay at BIRS was wonderful. The center is a unique place to organize conferences and I found the atmosphere very stimulating. In particular I could also finish a project with some other participant in the conference.

Eva Miranda Mathematics, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

The conference was very instructive. The 3 organizers had the same goal of research, but are more familiar with different methods: analysis, topology, geometry. I enjoyed ALL the talks, the ones where I am an expert, as well as the ones where I did not quite know about the technics, in particular the talks using C^* algebras. I have the impression that many young people learned a lot. Myself, I had very interesting discussions with several participants. And, of course, the site itself is grandiose.

Michèle Vergne University Paris Diderot