Participant Testimonials

Oct 14 - Oct 19, 2018

I discussed several projects with various people. I was impressed by the breadth of the work and several of the talks may intersect with what I am doing but I need to think more about it.

John Baldwin Professor emeritus
Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Wonderful workshop and I say my deep thanks to all organizers and staffs!

Byunghan Kim Mathematics, Yonsei University

First of all, in my opinion, most of the lectures were very good, both in terms of mathematical content and presentation. Some of them were excellent. I updated my knowledge on what is going on in my area. I also had a few interesting conversations with my collaborators, we stated some questions and made a little progress.

Krzysztof Krupinski Professor
Instytut Matematyczny, Uniwersytet Wroclawski

Indeed the Neostability workshop I just attended was extremely successful, on all accounts. It was mathematically very exciting, and on the organizational level vey smooth. Oaxaca itself is a wonderful town which I would always want to go back to. Once again, many thanks for the invitation to attend the meeting.

Kobi Peterzil Math, University of Haifa

I found the conference extremely stimulating - practically all talks were in areas of my research interest. I was particularly struck by the three talks on NSOP1 - I had not been aware that this area had made such great progress since the last workshop three years ago, and that there now was a well-developed theory. This will certainly have a major impact on my future research.

Frank Wagner Institut Camille Jordan, UMR 5208, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1