Participant Testimonials

Aug 11 - Aug 16, 2019

Thank you very much for letting us organize the "Convex Integration" meeting at BIRS. I found it very productive: I discussed two possible new projects with colleagues, reconnected with various other participants, learned at least one new cool result that I have not heard of before, gave a talk that was well received, and successfully solicited a letter of recommendation (I will be on the job market this Fall). In addition, in the free time I "discovered" and worked in the BIRS library, completing one chapter of the book that I am writing these days. We (with my coorganizers) will prepare the final report soon, and I will be looking forward to an opportunity to coming back to BIRS.

Marta Lewicka University of Pittsburgh

I must say how important and productive this workshop was. I met several groups of mathematicians with whom we outlined a program of research that will keep us occupied for a year. With A. Larios we produced numerics that answered more definitively some of the open regularity questions I had in models of collective behavior. Thanks for providing an excellent hub for doing research!

Roman Shvydkoy Department of Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago