Participant Testimonials

Sep 22 - Sep 27, 2019

The place is more than perfect for research. Easy to reach (even when you come from Europe), and with all the facilities, it really helps to focus on research and mathematical discussions. Even when my stay was very short, it allowed me to deep in some professional relationships and to learn from others. I really hope to come back some day for a longer stay. The workshop was very well organized. Nice atmosphere, interesting talks, posters and discussions. Great!

Elisa Alos University Pompeu Fabra

It was one of the best and the most useful experiences I had in my career. As a new researcher in this field, I learnt a lot about different approaches. Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

Maedeh Mehranfar Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University

BIRS is an excellent, experience set-up which is very fruitful for creative scientific discussions. Next to that, the mountain views in the Fall are beautiful and inspiring.

Cornelis Oosterlee professor
National center for mathematics and computer science, CWI Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology

First of all, thanks a lot to BIRS and its team for hospitality and great work during this workshop. The workshop was a great opportunity for me and my graduate students to get involved in fruitful conversations, in discussing new ideas and new projects. It was also a good opportunity to talk to people from industry and to get known their projects and current work. Also, BIRS is always a great place that generates new ideas while enjoying a beautiful nature around. It inspires me every time when I am there. After each workshop or other events I come back home with a lot of new ideas and inspirations, new projects to be developed. Thank you, BIRS!

Anatoliy Swishchuk Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary