Participant Testimonials

Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2019

This workshop brought together researchers in algebraic topology and in geometric topology who work on spaces of embeddings and on their relations to configuration spaces. I work on the geometric side, and it was very stimulating for me to meet leading researchers of the algebraic side. I plan to recommend to a Ph. D. student of mine to apply to a postdoctoral position in order to learn and work about the applications of the geometric techniques he knows to the algebraic study of embedding spaces. It was a wonderful meeting, I learned a lot.

Christine Lescop Senior Researcher
Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes

This workshop was an occasion for me to discover a fascinating area of research, as well as interesting new ideas related to topics I am more familiar with. It is likely that the research projects that I am going to pursue in the next few years will be highly influenced by this meeting.

Arnaud Mortier University of Caen Normandy

The workshop highly impacted my research. I have found some new problems which I should address.

Keiichi Sakai Shinshu University

Definitely, I have learned many interesting and new ideas. Cluster surgeries used to obtain non-trivial elements in the homotopy groups of the diffeomorphism group of a 4-disc is perhaps the most inspiring thing I learned. Most of the people I knew before. Only two were new for me. One of the two Apurva Nakade gave a very interesting talk relating the geometry of almost complex structures on manifolds with the Goodwillie manifold calculus. Thanks to the discussions I figured out an interesting problem for my PhD student that I prefer to keep private :)

Victor Turchin Professor
Mathematics, Kansas State University