Participant Testimonials

Sep 17 - Sep 20, 2020

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for organizing such a workshop. It was a good experience attending this conference. Talks were very interesting. It was great to learn about recent advances in the area.

Khalid Boutahir Professor
Mathematics, Mohamed Premier University - Oujda

Speaking at the conference provided great focus for my research. It was great to meet (virtually) the leaders in the field, and to see the various research directions that are being pursued. It is too early to see whether other, more specific, benefits will be achieved from the conference.

Don Davis Professor
Mathematics, Lehigh University

Many thanks to the organizers for this great workshop, motivated by the speaker's talks, this event encourage me to continue working hard in my research. Also, on the academic side, many fresh ideas inspired me to improve my teaching style.

Carlos Domínguez Profesor
Academia de Matemáticas, UPIIG-IPN

The BIRS-CMO was so helpful for me, I got a lot of information about such different areas of research related to the topological complexity, and I would like to thank the BIRS-CMO members and a special thank for the organisers: Daniel Cohen, Jesus Gonzalez and Lucile Vandembroucq for all their hard work.

Said Hamoun Departement of mathematics, Université Moulay Ismail

Allow me to express my gratitude for all the effort that you have provided from the beginning to the end of the days which have been very successful in bringing together a large number of researchers in this promising field. A big thank you to the organizers and everyone who participated in the success of this event. In principle, I was invited on my own, but your openness to other researchers not registered for the days that were to be face-to-face allowed my students to participate. The benefit is therefore more than personal, it is favorable to our entire group and we want to use it to advance our research on the subject. I would like to thank Dr. Lucile Vandembroucq who is co-supervisor of one of my students and who introduced us. I propose that the next events do this in a hybrid way to allow a large number to participate. Thank you once again.

Youssef Rami Mathematics, Université Moulay Ismail

The meeting allows me to find new results in this area and, probably, to open new ways of collaborations. One my student participated the meeting, and I am sure this will help him in his research. I found the meeting very successful in spite of this crazy time. Also, I am glad to express my gratitude to organizers: Daniel Cohen, Jesus Gonzalez, Lucile Vandembroucq.

Yuli B. Rudyak professor
Mathematics, University of Florida

There were many interesting talks. It was great to learn about recent advances in the area. The workshop was also very informative for my PhD student who attended the workshop as well. I am grateful to the organizers for organizing such a workshop.

Rustam Sadykov Kansas State University

This is a wonderful program with having most leading researchers on the topic to talk or to participate in. Also a lot of young researchers and students. I am very impressed. Thank you very much for having this amazing workshop. I am sure that the organizers did hard work to make the workshop to be successful.

Jie Wu Professor
Hebei Normal University and National University of Singapore

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers: Daniel Cohen, Jesus Gonzalez and Lucile Vandembroucq, for all their hard work. The CMO-BIRS workshop has advanced my current research. For example, "Topological complexity of the work map" reported by professor Jie WU generalizes topological complexity of topological spaces. It can help me draw some inspiration for understanding of topological structures.

Zhiguo Zhang Mr.
Hebei Normal University,