Interfacial Phenomena in Reaction-Diffusion Systems (Online)

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of Bordeaux
- 08:09
Sharp discontinuous traveling waves in a hyperbolic Keller–Segel equation
Watch video | Download video: 202008030740-Griette.mp4 (44M)
, University of science and technology of China
- 08:41
Spreading speeds of nonlocal diffusion KPP equations
Watch video | Download video: 202008030815-Liang.mp4 (40M)
, University of Clermont-Auvergne
- 07:27
Propagating terraces in multidimensional and spatially periodic domains
Watch video | Download video: 202008040700-Giletti.mp4 (36M)
, Hokkaido University
- 07:54
Asymptotic behavior of solutions to level-set mean curvature flow equations with discontinuous source terms
Watch video | Download video: 202008040729-Hamamuki.mp4 (37M)
, University of Tel-Aviv
- 08:26
The symmetry of stable solutions of semilinear elliptic equations
Watch video | Download video: 202008040800-Nordmann.mp4 (31M)
, Brown University
- 08:56
Reaction-diffusion equations in the half-space
Watch video | Download video: 202008040829-Graham.mp4 (36M)
, JSPS/Meiji University
- 07:24
Mathematical analysis of a reaction-diffusion model for Neolithic transition in Europe
Watch video | Download video: 202008050700-Mori.mp4 (32M)
, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
- 08:08
Wave propagation in two-species strong competition models
Watch video | Download video: 202008050740-Wu.mp4 (43M)
, Auburn University
- 09:02
Can chemotaxis speed up or slow down the spatial spreading in parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel systems with logistic source?
Watch video | Download video: 202008050831-Shen.mp4 (41M)
, Tokyo Metropolitan University
- 07:28
Convergence to traveling wave for the logarithmic diffusion equation with reaction term
Watch video | Download video: 202008060700-Shimojo.mp4 (34M)
, Nankai University
- 07:57
The principal eigenvalue problem for some second order elliptic and parabolic operators with large advection 
Watch video | Download video: 202008060730-Zhou.mp4 (27M)
, Osaka Metropolitan University
- 08:27
Fast reaction limit of three-components reaction-diffusion systems and free boundary problems describing population dynamics
Watch video | Download video: 202008060800-Monobe.mp4 (36M)
- 08:57
Strong competition limit, traveling waves and best dispersal strategy for Lotka-Volterra competitive systems
Watch video | Download video: 202008060830-Girardin.mp4 (38M)