Learning in Networks: Performance Limits and Algorithms (Cancelled)

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Coja-Oghlan, Amin University of Frankfurt
Cullina, Daniel Penn State University
Fan, Zhou Yale University
Gao, Chao University of Chicago
Hajek, Bruce University of Illinois
Lelarge, Marc INRIA
Ma, Zongming University of Pennsylvania
Mao, Cheng Georgia Tech
Massoulie, Laurent * Inria
Mei, Song Stanford University
Perkins, Will University of Illinois at Chicago
Polyanskiy, Yury Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Reeves, Galen Duke University
Sanghavi, Sujay University of Texas at Austin - Electrical Engineering
Sen, Subhabrata Harvard
Shah, Devavrat Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Srikant, R. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wein, Alex NYU
Xu, Jiaming Duke University
Yu, Christina Lee Cornell - Operations Research
Zdeborova, Lenka * Institut de Physique Theorique, France

* This participant has indicated that they might be coming.