Participant Testimonials

Nov 07 - Nov 12, 2021

Despite the online format, we think that the workshop went extremely well! Talks were lively, and discussion and question sessions were dynamic. The open problems session at the end of the week allowed us to highlight some questions from various aspects of the subject that could lead to new interactions between researchers that would not have met outside such a workshop. We are confident that answering these questions (even partially) will lead to new interesting developments in the subject. Once again we would like to thank you and all BIRS staff for allowing us to organize this workshop.

Baptiste Chantraine Mathématiques, Université de Nantes

We had a great workshop. The talks were very interesting and there were many useful discussions after the talks.

Anna Fino Full Professor
Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita di Torino

The BIRS workshop "Locally Conformal Symplectic Manifolds: Interactions and Applications" was very helpful for me in keeping contact with my former co-authors and colleagues in the field. I learned the latest results in the field which stimulated some new ideas for my future research.

Hong Van Le Leading Scientist
Institute of Mathematics of Czech Academy of Sciences

It was a very pleasant and useful exchange of ideas between topologists and geometers, between experts in real differential geometry and experts in complex geometry. Different views, however, have many common points. Several nice open questions emerged after the talks and the subsequent discussions.

Liviu Ornea Professor
Mathematics (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics), University of Bucharest & IMAR