Participant Testimonials

Jun 20 - Jun 25, 2021

The BIRS workshop is useful to know the new progress in the interesting topic. The workshop could make the connection and build the bridge to the other topics.

Yuxin Ge Mathematics, Université Toulouse 3

The workshop generated fresh insights that significantly impacted at least two of my current research projects.

Marc Henry Economics, The Pennsylvania State University

My participation in the BIRS workshop made it possible for me to see the recent exciting developments that I was not aware of. I also got some nice ideas inspired by the talks, which I believe will play crucial roles in my current and future research.

Young-Heon Kim Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, University of British Columbia

Several of the presentations this week were really outstanding.

Robert McCann Mathematics, University of Toronto

During this workshop, I learned many new results about entropic optimal transport as well as new applications of it. Through this workshop, I also got some ideas that could lead to future research projects.