Participant Testimonials

Nov 07 - Nov 12, 2021

Collaborating with the organization of the Workshop Strings: Geometry and Symmetries for Phenomenology was a very rewarding experience from beginning to end. When Saul Ramos-Sanchez asked me to join in the effort I gladly accepted. I already knew several researchers and students working in string theory in Mexico and wanted to help in consolidating their scientific community. I was also sure that the organization would be well planned. Indeed, Saul, together with Nana Cabo-Bizet and Oscar Loaiza Brito, did a superb job in designing a format for talks and discussion sessions intended
to encourage active participation from the audience. Moreover, the invited speakers and panelists were all highly recognized string theorists. I believe that the conference was truly successful. At the scientific level, the impact was comparable to that of the recent annual conference on String Phenomenology held last July. In fact, the workshop in Oaxaca covered additional important topics and allowed more time to go into details and discussions. For my own research the workshop was very useful to learn about recent developments and ideas, and about open problems. In particular, some of the results presented suggested possible ways to extend my current work on non-supersymmetric string compactifications on asymmetric orbifolds. Last but not least, the platform for virtual meetings at CMO-BIRS worked perfectly.

Anamaria Font Professor
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Central de Venezuela

I enjoyed a lot the richness of the workshop. It allowed me, experienced experts and young students to get in touch and to discuss together common open questions that we all want to tackle from different perspectives. People from various areas, sometimes considered quite distant, had the opportunity to learn from each other in a frequently casual atmosphere, despite the complications of a virtual meeting, with talks and discussions led by international leaders of their fields. The workshop influenced my personal view of the various topics and allowed me to understand that some of the puzzles I am addressing can be studied from other fresh and promising ideas, which will undoubtedly steer my future research.

Saúl Ramos-Sánchez Theoretical Physics, UNAM

This was the best remote workshop I ever attended. The format was great since there was ample time for discussions, and hence real exchange of viewpoints and ideas could happen.

Michael Ratz Professor
Physics and Astronomy, University of California Irvine