Participant Testimonials

Nov 14 - Nov 19, 2021

I want to say this workshop is very helpful for me, for example, I learn a lot from the talks of Delorme and Fintzen, Yiannis, and I see some applications of the theory of Yiannis' and Venkatesh's book.

Rui Chen Student
Mathematics, John Hopkins University

It was a great conference and I'm very pleased that BIRS was able to host it. Due to Covid19, the conference was completely on Zoom, but this allowed for some to participate from the far corners of the earth. The online organization was excellent but of course, I'm looking forward to the time when we can all meet again in Banff.

Mark Goresky Institute for Advanced Study

My participation in the BIRS workshop helped my current research, since the audience of my talk consisted of very strong mathematicians in very relevant fields, and they asked very interesting questions that allowed my project to branch into a new direction. The lectures of other participants were also quite useful to me.

Dmitry Gourevitch Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science

It was a great program, very well organized by J. Arthur, J. Gordon and T. Kaletha, my great appreciation to them, as well as the team of BIRS for all the work they did.

Dipendra Prasad Professor
Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay