Participant Testimonials

Oct 09 - Oct 14, 2022

BIRS is an impressive and beautiful organization! BIRS was key to listening to many people in several areas of research in PDEs and applications that are not sufficiently close to us. We hear each other, and that interaction produced important outcomes even today and will produce important ones in the near future. Postdocs had an important forum to mention their recent works and interact with seniors. People from underdeveloped countries were also present and made interesting contributions to the main topics of this workshop. We had a great time as a group at Banff!

Claudio Muñoz Mathematical Engineering DIM and CMM, Universidad de Chile

The event was very important for me to learn about new research and to be able to talk directly with important exponents of the area in dispersive differential equations. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to present my latest advances in my research through a presentation. I am glad to have participated in an event whose main objective includes the varied participation of Latin American researchers.

Felipe Poblete Assistant Professor
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Austral de Chile

The interaction in the workshop "New Trends in Mathematics of Dispersive, Integrable and Nonintegrable Models in Fluids, Waves and Quantum Physics" has been very stimulating since it has tried and managed to intertwine different perspectives and nearby areas around integrable systems (for example, kinetic equations, fluid mechanics, porous media, relativity, etc.) that have allowed concretize a very promising flow of ideas. Personally, it has allowed me, in addition to knowing the latest advances in the proposed topics, to establish some future research projects that have materialized from the thematic interaction with other researchers these days. I also find interesting the approach of serving as a meeting place between European, American (and Japanese) researchers specialized in the subject and the opportunity that has been given to young researchers to present their recent work.

Juan Soler Applied Mathematics, UGranada