Participant Testimonials

Apr 17 - Apr 22, 2022

The BIRS Workshop Almost-Periodic Spectral Problems allowed me to have a wide view on recent developments in the area and possible new projects. It was also the occasion to meet old and new researchers in the area.

Joaquim Puig Department of Mathematics, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

I am very grateful to the organizers David, Svetlana and Leonid for the invitation and their hard work. This Almost-Periodic Spectral Problems workshop is successful and wonderful and, it has helped me learn a lot from my colleagues. I would also like to express my gratitude for the efforts of the BIRS.

Yunfeng Shi College of Mathematics, Sichuan University

I have learned much from these talks and in particular the one given by Prof. S. Kotani on his cutting-edge work about the Cauchy problem on nonlinear Schrodinger equations with the framework of Sato. Currently, I am studying another of his work on the Cauchy problem on KdV equations also under the same framework as Sato. Thus the talk of Prof. Kotani does a big help for me to understand the idea of Sato and its application in the various nonlinear integrable system. Moreover, some mistakes in my talks have been pointed out by other scholars, which is helpful for me to evaluate correctly my own work. Thus I am very appreciative of the hard work of the organizers as well as BIRS.

Yiqian Wang mathematics, Nanjing University