Participant Testimonials

Aug 21 - Aug 26, 2022

This successful workshop brought together researchers that have been working on surrogate markers to discuss available methods and current challenges. My participation has greatly impacted my research in terms of what problems I intend to pursue, how I view the problems, and how I view my role in the bigger picture of this field. I established new contacts and have multiple paper ideas that have originated from the workshop that I am pursuing with these new collaborators. To be honest, it was such a pleasure to be with people in person again. With 2 years+ of Zoom, you sometimes start to think that in-person is not much different than Zoom, but this workshop highlighted for me how incredibly different it is. The discussions, the connections that formed outside of the formal discussions, the outing, it brought me so much joy and with joy, comes new insights and ideas.

Layla Parast Associate Professor
Statistics and Data Sciences, University of Texas at Austin