Call for Proposals - Proposal Submission Form

Proposals for 2-day workshops, Research in Teams, Focused Research Groups must be submitted at least 4 months before their intended start date.

Please read the Guidelines for Proposals before submitting. The online form does not have a saving feature. Please save it offline, on your computer, as you work on it, and then submit it online when you are ready.

Enquiries regarding proposals should be addressed to the BIRS Programme Coordinator.

PLAIN TEXT (UTF-8) ONLY PLEASE (No HTML). LaTeX math-mode and formulae is OK (enclose in `$' or `\( ... \)'), but please do not use preambles or \document{} tags. Include any dependent custom macros. All proposals will be compiled into a single book using LaTeX2e.

There are three steps in this process. The first one is the form below. The second step has preferred and impossible date selections, and an optional comment field. The third step is a review of what will be submitted, with the final submission button.

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A list of potential participants and their affiliations is important to the review process, but you will not be bound by it. The Programme Committee looks favourably on participant lists where there is an indication that the participants have been contacted and have expressed interest in the proposal.

Enter the participants one per line using the following format:
Family name, Given name, affiliation - department

For example:
Smith, Sam, Institute of Generic Names - Generic Department