Noncommutative Geometry (06w5007)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Saturday, April 8 and departing Thursday April 13, 2006


Alain Connes (College de France)

Joachim Cuntz (University of Muenster)

(University of Toronto)

(University of Western Ontario)

Boris Tsygan (Northwestern University)


The subject of noncommutative geometry is currently going through a period of rapid growth and expansion, as well as unification of various trends within it. To have an extensive exchange of ideas and communication of the latest results in the subject we propose to hold a Workshop on Noncommutative Geometry at the Banff International Research Station in 2006. The topics to be discussed in the workshop will include: latest developments in the Connes-Moscovici local index formula and its applications, Hopf-cyclic cohomology and the place of Hopf algebras in noncommutative geometry in general, renormalization and motivic Galois groups (the work of Connes-Kreimer and Connes-Marcolli), the Baum-Connes conjecture, cyclic cohomology and KK theory for topological algebras, and emerging relations between number theory, mathematical physics and noncommutative geometry. In addition to top experts from around the world, we plan to invite graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are working in noncommutative geometry.