Participant Testimonials

May 16 - May 21, 2010

...the conference at BIRS was very interesting and inspiring for me. For instance, being myself a mathematician on the theoretical side, I found it quite valuable to meet a number of physicists and other applied mathematicians working close to medical and other applications and listen to their talks. Besides, the facilities were excellent. The convenience and standard of the meal service was also excellent, in fact remarkably good. And the location of the institute with the breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery couldn't be better!

Jan Boman Deptartment of Mathematics, Stockholm University

Although not an expert in the topic of Inverse Transport Theory and Tomography, I have learned enough about it to use it in my application area (cloudy atmosphere). Left the workshop with potentially very useful papers to read and connections to pursue. Great venue.

Anthony Davis California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

My time at BIRS was the very definition of "time well spent". The monastic setting offered me the unparalleled opportunity to not only meet some of the leaders in the field of inverse theory and tomography (whose papers initiated me into the field years ago) but also to discuss various current problems and ideas with them. I benefited tremendously from several invaluable conversations with some of the giants in my field, and in particular I got the opportunity to discuss new approaches to a problem on geodesic AtRT that has long plagued myself and others. I made a pact with another guest to solve some of the ongoing pesky troubles preventing a direct inversion formula. I should also say it was the highlight of my (very young) career to have been given the opportunity to present our humble research results to such esteemed professionals. It was a resounding success.

Nicholas Hoell Columbia University

...Banff conference was of great importance for me. In addition to the usual (but actually crucial for successful research!) opportunity to find out about the important developments in my field of inverse problems, Banff has given me the opportunity to continue my research collaboration with Profs. M.Lassas and G.Uhlmann and to discuss numerous scientific issues with Profs. A. Nachman and G. Nakamura. I wish success to BIRS which is of so much importance for the advancement of the mathematical research!

Yaroslav Kurylev Department of Mathematics, University College London