Participant Testimonials

Apr 04 - Apr 09, 2010

Working on internal waves, this workshop was right in my field of research. The results presented and the subsequent informal discussions have been a great source of inspiration. Moreover, some specific discussions will for sure impact my scientific results in a near future and my orientations in the mid-term. As a student, this workshop allowed me to meet new people and possible future employers. It is very likely that I have found a post-doc position during this workshop.

Nicolas Grisouard LEGI, University of Grenoble

My participation lead to several developments: New collaborations with researchers both known and previously not personally known to me. These were in area of current work, but also defining partners in future work which is currently in planning stage but now has broader concept and refined focus. It provided me with an opportunity to look at other institutions and research groups where I am likely to find candidates for future hires. It reminded me of the breadth of my discipline, and of the work in areas other than my own where there is different focus but the different approaches may well be of direct application to my own research area - this to be determined.

Greg Ivey Professor
School Environmental Systems Engineering, University of Western Australia

I found the week at BIRS very interesting and useful. In fact some lab work and theory which was presented will be most useful for upcoming field work. Furthermore the informal atmosphere stimulated numerous interesting and relevant discussions.

Shaun Johnston Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego

... thank you very much for hosting us at BIRS. The workshop was an outstanding success, due in large part to the impeccable BIRS organization and the excellent facilities at the Banff Centre... We very much hope to have the opportunity to return to BIRS sometime in the future.

Thomas Peacock Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology