Participant Testimonials

Feb 21 - Feb 26, 2010

After my talk, I received very useful feedback. I met several colleagues, whose work I saw and had a chance to talk to them and to establish connections (Y. Capdeboscq, M. Lewicka, H. Kang). We have identified potential collaborations with E. Bonnetier and a number of young researchers H. Nguyen and L. Nguyen. I also had an opportunity to to talk in person with my colleagues whom I have not seen for a while and whose research interests are close to mine: M.Westdickenberg, E. Bonnetier, M. Vogleous.

Leonid Berlyand Mathematics, Penn State

This workshop was very interesting and will probably have several impact on my current research. I have new contacts and new ideas for my research. Thanks a lot!

Virginie Bonnaillie-Noel IRMAR, ENS Cachan Bretagne, CNRS

This workshop at BIRS was extremely interesting. The choice of speakers was particularly clever, as I was genuinely interested in the content of all the talks, even though I had never met the majority of the speakers before. The decision to include a large number of brilliant junior researcher was very wise in that respect. I made a number of new contacts, and thanks to the workshop, a project that was very slow to start, at the intersection of homogenization and inverse problems in high contrast materials got a jump-start. Together with two other members of the workshop, we started working actively on this and new leads were provided daily by the talks. We are now in active email collaboration on this project, which should end up in a paper, if we are successful.

Yves Capdeboscq Mathematical Institute, University Of Oxford