Participant Testimonials

May 25 - May 27, 2012

I work on building algorithms to automate the design of integrated circuits (IC). Even though I am a practitioner, I use mathematical theories and have to follow the new developments in mathematics to be able to apply them in my work. The participation in this workshop had a significant impact on my research as I became familiar with the newest research in Robust optimization and also had time to discuss my issues with the best in the robust optimization field in the great mountain setting and I have two ideas to work on that I think will result in high quality publications. In addition, I met Dr. Bertsimas from MIT and Dr. Stephan Wild from Argonne National Laboratory. These new connections might result in collaborations in the future.

Laleh Behjat Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary

I think the workshop has been well organized and serves well the needs of the optimization society. The value proposition of the workshop is well presented, where the panel discussion was very thought provoking. The workshop certainly provides a great start for researchers in optimization society to re-focus on the real value that robust optimization can bring to the industry. I benefit a lot from the workshop, seeing how the trend of robust optimization may evolve.

Jonathan Li Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto