Participant Testimonials

Jun 24 - Jun 29, 2012

My participation in the BIRS workshop did indeed impact significantly in my current research: it provided great stimulation to graduate students that attended, and it initiated a new collaboration (on the topic of application of integral equation methods to eigenvalue problems, a rather novel approach) with two other participants. Interestingly, subsequent to the initiation of this work, I had two independent requests from colleagues at engineering departments at Caltech (Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering), whose needs required exactly the type of method we developed as a result of these interactions in Banff: use of commercial software for these problems had proven unsatisfactory, and our new methods provide the needed accuracy and efficiency. We have thus started three independent highly interesting collaborations as a result of the interactions initiated during the BIRS workshop. Additionally, participating students had a tremendous opportunity to meet and interact with some of the most active scientists in the field. In all, this was an extremely useful experience. Thank you so much for making it possible.

Oscar Bruno Applied and Computational Mathematics, California Institute of Technology

The workshop was the opportunity 1) To present a joint talk with my collaborator M. Costabel and to re-launch this project (Cosserat spectrum), after a good reception by the audience, 2) To meet and have scientific exchanges with J. Ovall, on adaptative eigenvector computations, 3) In connection with point 2), to build a benchmark page

Monique Dauge IRMAR (Mathematics), University of Rennes 1, France