Participant Testimonials

Mar 25 - Mar 30, 2012

Attending this workshop was very helpful for my research. During the week I was able to spend time working on some examples with participants Geraschanko and Satriano which we hope will lead to a joint paper on integration on toric stacks. I was also able to meet Amalendu Krishna and learn about the use of A^1 homotopy techniques in cycle theory on stacks. This too looks like it may lead to a joint project. Finally, the conferenece gave me a chance to work with ongoing collaborators Jarvis and Kimura and an opportunity to present some of our joint work on $\lambda$-ring structures in orbifold K-theory. This is the second Banff conference I've attended. At the first conference in 2008 I met Jarvis and Kimura and we began a collaboration that continues to date. Once again, it looks like I'll be able to gain new collaborators by attending a Banff conference. I think that having participants share a dormitory and common meals definitely helps foster mathematical discussion.

Dan Edidin Mathematics, University of Missouri