The Science of Network Coding

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Bakshi, Mayank Chinese University of Hong Kong
Effros, Michelle California Institue of Technology
El-Rouayheb, Salim Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Fragouli, Christina University of California at Los Angeles
Ho, Tracey California Institute of Technology
Hu, Yaochen University of Alberta
Jaggi, Sidharth (Sid) The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Joerg, Kliewer New Jersey Institute of Technology
Khabbazian, Majid University of Alberta
Kim, Young-Han University of California, San Diego
Langberg, Michael State University of New York at Buffalo
Li, Zongpeng University of Calgary
Liu, Yang University of Calgary
Niu, Di University of Alberta
Ramamoorthy, Aditya Iowa State University
Sprintson, Alex Texas A & M University
Yin, Xunrui University of Calgary
Zhao, Yao University of Calgary