Participant Testimonials

Nov 17 - Nov 22, 2013

Thanks to you for all the attention! My participation at BIRS workshop was very useful and inspiring in the sense that allow me to aim new projects in related areas of mine. The workshop was very innovative in the areas that was covered, so all the on going projects actually are focusing in a most wide point of view. So the workshop was very interesting and useful for me. Thanks a lot!

Maridian José Kadomatsu Hermosa MSc
Cientific and applied Computation Laboratory, Facultad Politécnica

As one of the organizers, I found the experience working with the BIRS team to be one of the best I've ever had in my career. Both prior to the meeting and on site, they are the best. Our program appeared to work very well, thanks to the extraordinary contributions of all the participants, both speakers and those who did not but contributed with their questions and round the clock discussions. New understanding of ongoing research questions, a sharper understanding of many outstanding problems, and the generation of some new questions were balanced against subgroups working on continuing collaborations. It was a great experience for my postdoc as it was for me. This multidisciplinary interaction has had impacts in all these disciplines and we expect to see more in the future making bridges between a good number of junior researchers for whom this was their first experience with this sort of workshop.

Kenneth Millett Professor
Mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara

This was extremely good meeting. The knotted proteins are very interesting area of the research. For that reason, we had almost 100% attendance on all session - something very infrequent even when there is -20C outside. I would also like to praise Linda for all her efforts.

Wladek Minor Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics, University of Virginia

I think the workshop I attended was very interesting and high quality. BIRS facilities are excellent (my room in Corbet Hall a bit too cold). Overall, big success.

Mario Nicodemi Prof. di Fisica, Universita' di Napoli

I attended this workshop/conference as someone only marginally involved in the field, and was impressed at the level of collegiality between the participants. There were no disputes that I could recall, and everyone was impressively friendly. Any competition between the participants was hard to detect; there were certainly no egos on display. Overall a great learning atmosphere- I had a great time. Kudos to the organizers!

Steven Plotkin Associate Professor
Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia

As usual, this BIRS meeting was excellent--great location, great food, great science. I did indeed have a fresh insight into how the mathematics of DNA recombination can be directly applied to reconnection events of vortex tubes in fluid mechanics. One of those eureka moments during a talk on DNA recombination by Mariel Vazquez at the BIRS meeting.

DeWitt Sumners Mathematics, Florida State University

I have been a participant at quite a few BIRS workshops and they are always stimulating, interesting and useful. Every time I visit I renew my acquaintance with people with research interests close to mine and meet new people in more disparate parts of the subject. On this occasion I spent quite a lot of time talking to three of my collaborators about research problems -- e-mail might work well but it's hard to beat a face to face conversation and a blackboard! In addition I learned a lot about entanglements in proteins, an area about which I had known rather little before this workshop.

Stuart Whittington Chemistry, University of Toronto