Participant Testimonials

Oct 04 - Oct 09, 2015

I must acknowledge that this was one of the most interesting workshops I participated since several years. I attended all by one talks (this is quite unusual for me… in general I skip around one fourth of the talks: I don't like to sit in the lecture hall and to do something else than listening to the speaker), and most of them were very interesting. I learned a lot and I would like to study more closely several topics… the problem will be to find time… Once again, I could noticed that organization in BIRS is simply perfect.

Yann Bugeaud Mathematiques, Université de Strasbourg

This workshop was like a gust of fresh air to my research program. I left BIRS with several ideas and new research directions that I would like to pursue in the short term. It was perfect because I am on sabbatical and I have the time to devote to these projects.

Matilde Lalin Departement de mathematiques et de statistique, Université de Montrèal

I completely enjoyed this conference, which was the third one I attended at BIRS. I must admit that BIRS is a premier conference facility in the world where everything is very well thought through and organized. In fact, I appreciated all features and convenience of your center even more as an organizer. Since all logistical matters were already taken care of by BIRS staff, we could completely concentrate on the scientific side of the conference. The whole workshop went very smoothly, and we had a number of excellent exchanges by ideas and problems. I personally already have several follow up communications with participants, one of which will clearly result into a paper on a problem of Schur about square means of algebraic integers and related questions. We have also discussed a number of projects under development, and started new ones. Thank you very much for hosting our workshop, and for all support!

Igor Pritsker Mathematics, Oklahoma State University