Participant Testimonials

Oct 25 - Oct 30, 2015

It was a wonderful experience, in all professional aspects. I became aware of new findings and trends in my research area, discussed them with the finest scientists all over the world, everything in a gorgeous place with superb facilities. It was indeed a remarkable experience.

Paulo de Souza Mendes PUC-Rio Brazil

My experience at the BIRS workshop impacted my research and my research projects. I had the opportunity to confront with experts from all over the world and discuss problems related to the topics I am working on.

Lorenzo Fusi Mathematics and Informatics, University of Florence

Wonderful and rich experience.

Ioan Ionescu Professor
LSPM, Universite Paris 13

Thank you very much for the hospitality. The workshop was very interesting and stimulating. Moreover the Banff Center is amazing!!!

Andrea Vacca Second University of Naples

The meeting gathered together pretty much all of the world leaders in the field of viscoplastic fluids and as well as providing a state-of-the-art progress report on the latest developments in the field, allowed time in the afternoons for "free form" unstructured discussions about promising research directions and open problems. In summary, it was an outstanding meeting in an excellent location with impeccable organisation and (as usual) wonderful food! What more could you ask from a scientific meeting?

Stephen Wilson Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde