Participant Testimonials

Jan 25 - Jan 30, 2015

The workshop was very interesting and well organized.

Claude Carlet Mathematics, University Paris 8

I enjoyed the workshop very much.

Tuvi Etzion Professor
Computer Science Department, Technion IIT

BIRS is an amazing place!

Shamgar Gurevich Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I'm really grateful to the BIRS Scientific Panel for approving this workshop. It was a tremendous opportunity to spend time with mathematicians and engineers, trying to understand better how theoretical and applied considerations intersect. Even though I was involved in writing the proposal, I still left the workshop much better informed about how sequences, codes and designs are being used in novel ways in practical applications, and how emerging applications are driving new theoretical research in these areas. The unseasonably warm weather and spectacular mountain setting of BIRS were bonuses! Thanks to the BIRS staff for taking care of so many details, leaving the participants free to concentrate on science.

Jonathan Jedwab Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

This workshop gave me a chance to speak with researchers whom I had not previously met, and many interesting questions were raised that may lead to new directions in research.

Daniel Katz Assistant Professor
Mathematics, California State University, Northridge