Participant Testimonials

May 15 - May 20, 2016

First of all I would like to sincerely thank CMO-BIRS team for all they have done for the “Black Holes' New Horizons” workshop. It was a very nice and stimulating workshop for me. We have fruitfully discussed frontier topics in black hole science, gaining new insights into the subject. The workshop has greatly motivated me to think about both new collaborations and new research projects. The warm and friendly atmosphere provided by the organizers and CMO-BIRS team enabled us to establish new contacts with participants from different parts of the world. Finally, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Valeri Frolov and Don Page for organizing such a great and successful event.

Alikram Aliev Professor
Electric and Electronics Engineering, Yeni Y ̈uzyıl University

Since my main research field is complex geometry, I found the workshop at CMO very stimulating. In particular, some talks were presented using standard techniques in differential geometry and hence, I don't exclude the possibility of working on some of these topics (from the mathematical point of view) in a near future.

I enjoyed the workshop very much. The enjoyed meeting fellow scientists and exchanging views on Einstein's gravity, the organization was perfect, I was able to use the time for significant progress in my research and I enjoyed the unusual environment at Oaxaca.

Barak Kol Professor, Head of Physics Studies
Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This was a wonderful workshop for me. I work in string theory. so it was very useful to meet with general relativists and learn about the tools they are currently using. The talks and discussions at BIRS have given me new avenues to explore in my own work on black holes in string theory.

Samir D. Mathur Ohio State U.

The workshop was of considerable value to me, despite being able to attend for only two days because of health issues at home. As one of two observers surrounded by theorists, I was delighted at the clarity of the talks and their quality. Especially enriching were extensive private discussions with Bill Unruh on the classical Coulomb field, Terry Tomboulis on QFT, Ruth Gregory on tunneling and Marco Cavaglia on LIGO, all individuals who I met for the first time at the workshop. Each of the first three discussions were relevant and enlightening in relation to a theoretical problem I have been playing with for several years. It was a privilege to attend and participate, and to consider with experts the deepest problem in the physical sciences. The venue was outstanding.

Jeffrey McClintock Senior Astrophysicist
High Energy Astrophysics Division, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

I want to thank Valeri Frolov and Don Page for the excellent school organization. The event fulfilled my expectations, help me to update my knowledge and let me learn more about the physics of black holes. I could interact with researchers of high prestige in the world as well as learn new research projects and start collaborations with other institutions. Thermodynamics of black holes will be my new research topic. Thanks everybody who made possible this kind of events. Thank you very much for the opportunity

Claudia Moreno Gonzalez Physics, University of Guadalajara

The workshop had a direct impact on my current research. Some of the prominent workers in the field were there and this direct interaction helped clarify a number of issues and thus directly advance my current project. In addition, a visit and a potential new collaboration were arranged. The workshop also provided the opportunity to explore with some of the participants the possibility of another conference on related topics. In addition, meeting for the first time in person some workers in adjacent areas of research was very beneficial and enjoyable. Overall, this workshop proved very fruitful for my current research.

Terry E. Tomboulis UC Distinguihed Professor
Physics and Astronomy, UCLA