Participant Testimonials

Aug 07 - Aug 12, 2016

The workshop was an excellent, and unique, opportunity to meet colleagues from academia, industry, the commercial sector, etc. and to work with them closely on the exciting possibility of 'internationalising' our efforts in the area of multiphase flows. The venue for the workshop in BIRS was absolutely ideal in providing the perfect vehicle to make significant progress towards this goal: it fostered close, and frequent interactions between the delegates, and a perfect environment for fruitful discussions; also, everything at BIRS works like clockwork, which helps a great deal! This is now the third workshop at BIRS that I have been involved with, and it has become my go-to place for holding workshops when I want to be assured of a positive outcome. I can recommend it to colleagues enthusiastically, and without any hesitation.

Omar Matar Professor
Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Absolutely, a workshop to remember! I made many new contacts I wouldn't have had otherwise and new collaborations have been initiated thanks to BIRS workshop. Not to mention the sharing of the latest research findings in my discipline from many different groups of researchers from Canada and abroad in a very relaxing and beautiful environment. Overall, this BIRS workshop was one of my top-two best workshop/conference experience ever. Thanks to all BIRS staff members who made this experience so enjoyable.

David Vidal Research Associate
Chemical Engineering, PolyTec

A very well organized workshop in a unique place that offers all that workshop participants expect to have to foster the highest possible level of interaction. At a more personal level, this workshop offered me the opportunity to meet and discuss with people at length that I had not had a chance to meet before. This will certainly lead to new collaborations both with other academic groups and potentially with industry. The scientific quality of the talks was very high, with top-of-the-field results presented and fruitful discussions that will undoubtedly influence my current research. An idea that emerged over the workshop is the interest in several research groups to team up together (instead of being competitors) and with an industrial partner to address a major scientific issue related to an operational problem of the industrial partner. This is very promising. In conclusion, a high quality workshop that created many new research opportunities.

Anthony Wachs Mathematics, University of British Columbia