Participant Testimonials

Aug 07 - Aug 12, 2016

I have gained a lot from the communications with all the attendees. I like the arrangement of the talks. The participants have lots of time for questions and lots of break time for discussion. I have learnt many new things and specially have new ideas for some problems. Hope to have some joint papers with some of the participants.

Falai Chen Professor
Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China

I had a great time at the CMO-BIRS event of last week. The workshop was very well organized, a lot of people I have common interests with, a lot of discussions, definitely new collaborations have started there as well as continuing academic connections. I am definitely looking forward to the next time I get an invitation to one of these events!

Carlos D'Andrea Mathematics and Informatics, University of Barcelona

This workshop was interesting because there was a mix of different communities, so I find that all participants learned something new. I think it was particularly helpful for young participants, but I also got interesting insight that I expect will help me end a current project which still misses some proofs. The organizers did an excellent job.

Alicia Dickenstein Mathematics, FCEN, University of Buenos Aires

The workshop was very good for getting up to date with the main results in the area. It was helpful to meet potential future collaborators in person.

Eliana Duarte Mathematics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaig

The workshop was well-organized and efficiently run. I met many researchers whom I did not formerly know, and learned a lot about new topics. I was also able to discuss current research interests with many colleagues and gain new insights on problems that I have been working on for a long time. Overall, this was an extremely beneficial, productive, and enjoyable workshop.

Rida Farouki Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UC Davis

I really enjoyed the workshop: - the talks were well prepared, clear and interesting, - they covered a large scope from effective algebraic geometry to computer aided design an engineering, - we had nice discussions in a splendid place, - with another participant, we decided to start a new research project, - another participant will visit my place next year, - I was happy to meet several Mexican mathematicians.

Andre Galligo Prof.
Mathematics, University of Nice

The workshop proposes an excellent chance for us to communicate our recent progress. Based on the discussions, we make some important improvements on our topic. I also glad to meet some famous expert in the workshop.

Liyong Shen Chinese Academy of Science

The workshop was a learning experience from a different field, allowing me to discover how concepts familiar in my area are addressed in algebraic geometry.

Jorg Peters CISE, University of Florida

This workshop offered me the opportunity to meet researchers that I already knew and discuss with them about open issues related to my ongoing research projects. It also gave me the opportunity to know new members of the scientific community and have with them fruitful exchanges of ideas.

Lucia Romani Department of Mathematics and its Applications, University of Milano-Bicocca