Mathematical Advances in Electron Microscopy (17w5055)

Arriving in Oaxaca, Mexico Sunday, October 15 and departing Friday October 20, 2017


(University of South Carolina)

(University of Texas at Austin)

Nigel Browning (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

(RWTH - Aachen)

Thomas Vogt (University of South Carolina - NanoCenter)

(University of Wisconsin - Madison)


The aim of the workshop is to connect mathematicians together with specialists in imaging, material science, and electron microscopy to advance modeling, simulation and analysis by incorporating state-of-the-art mathematical and computational tools and methods in electron microscopy. It will be instrumental to build foundations for interdisciplinary research by engaging all these subject areas. This workshop will provide the opportunity to present and exchange ideas, share data, and introduce new tools and develop new imaging and sensing paradigms needed in a variety of fields.

The BIRS workshop 14w5048 started conversations that can evolve to fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations. A follow-up workshop will be a factor in strengthening and expanding them. It will provide a unique forum in which the research results are considered from both mathematical and electron microscopy perspectives.